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Our senior management team is comprised of highly respected, industry leading professionals having the experience of directing the leasing, redevelopment, management and financial reporting for over 150 enclosed malls from coast-to coast.

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State of "Brick and Mortar" - Spring 2019 Summary

Brick & Mortar dying? Absolutely not! Pulling apart layers of over-hyped noise reveals Brick & Mortar is not only alive and thriving but is starting to be occupied by the once-pure-play-dot-com retailers.


SpinosoREG Acquires Santa Maria Town Center in Santa Barbara County, CA

Spinoso Real Estate Group acquires a two-level, 630,000 square-foot enclosed mall, Santa Maria Town Center, in Santa Barbara County, California with plans to re-energize and reconnect center with the community.


Featured In Shopping Center Business RECon 2018 Issue

We saw the opportunity to establish a completely unique, boutique mall platform that has true “mall DNA” with hand-picked, talented mall experts possessing an unbridled, entrepreneurial approach to the mall space.


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