Leasing enclosed shopping malls and large-scale retail-based properties is our company’s core strength.

We are keenly aware that leasing is of primary importance in the retail real estate equation. By developing the best possible selection of tenants, a project’s viability, value, and financial performance can be maximized.


Our base of experience includes work on hundreds of enclosed shopping malls, lifestyle centers, and large-scale retail projects from coast to coast.

  • Decades of experience leasing enclosed malls and large-scale retail projects
  • Unmatched aggressive leasing approach and proven results
  • National reach having leased and managed properties from coast-to-coast
  • Vast network of relationships with national, regional and local tenants in all use categories
  • Strong focus on specialty leasing to drive occupancy and maximize income

We employ a very aggressive, yet structured and methodical approach to leasing a property. We use the powerful YARDI Leasing Pad system to track and report on deals from active prospect to signed lease.

Primary Steps in our process include:

Strategy Formulation
  • Tenant Mix Analysis and Planning
  • Development of Prospective Tenant Lists
  • Development of Leasing Floor Plan
  • Creation of Leasing Expense Budget
  • Establish Projected Rent Roll
  • Income Maximization Analysis
  • Develop Strategy for Additional Income Sources
  • Develop Project “Marketing Story”
  • Creation of Leasing Merchandize Plan
  • Creation of Leasing Marketing Collateral
  • Creation of Comprehensive Property Overview Book
  • ICSC Trade Show Material Preparation
  • ICSC Trade Show Participation
  • Creation of Public Project Promotional Materials
  • Project Website Development
  • Development of Prospective Renderings
Leasing Execution
  • Coordinated Company Leasing Meeting
  • Initial Tenant Contacts
  • Marketing (Leasing) Presentations
  • Proposal and Negotiation of Letters of Intent
  • Finalize and Document Deal Terms
  • Prepare Deal Presentations to Owner Including Financial Impact Analysis
  • Lease Negotiation and Execution
  • Negotiation of Existing Tenant Lease Restructures and/or Relocations
  • Lease Renewal Negotiations
  • Obtain and Document Necessary Department Store Approvals
  • Leasing Status Reporting
  • Lease Expiration Schedules
  • Lease Abstract Reporting
  • Leasing Budget Reporting
  • Leasing Budget Forecasting
  • Tenant Health Ratio Analysis Reporting
  • Project Occupancy Status Reporting
  • Problem Tenant Reporting
  • Existing Tenant Kickout Analysis
  • Establish Letter of Intent Form
  • Establish Lease Form
  • Individual Tenant Lease Preparation
  • Establish Tenant Coordination Standards/Handbook

Leasing +

At Spinoso Real Estate Group, we take seriously the responsibility to maximize each property we work on, making each mall as vibrant as possible.

We have learned, from decades of experience, that by assembling the best selection of retail stores, dining establishments, entertainment venues and other services, that an environment can be created that gives people in the community many reasons to visit more frequently and to stay longer when they visit.

The more people visit our properties, the more they can become an important component of the communities they exist within – creating jobs, generating sales tax revenue, and providing a place for people to gather, socialize and interact. Therefore, the process of assembling that best selection of tenants is of primary importance.


Every aspect of our organization, every department, and every member of our team is highly valued – and critically important.

As a team, we aspire to have every member of Spinoso Real Estate Group contribute where possible to the Leasing effort. Whether a direct member of the Leasing department, or through involvement in another functional area, we all contribute to exceeding our clients and partners expectations, and directly – or indirectly – help to support the leasing effort.

In recognition of the importance of recruiting the best tenants possible for our properties, we have added the moniker “Leasing +” to everyone’s official title. We know that every member of our team takes pride and feels motivated to help in whatever way possible to contribute to our company’s core competency: Leasing. This is an integral part of our culture and company’s “DNA” and we are elevating it to the forefront of every functional area of the organization.

As we succeed in our efforts to maximize each of our properties, we can all share in the accomplishment and take pride in knowing we all help in some way to contribute to the communities we work within.