We identify opportunity, and transform potential into reality

Properties become distressed, under-perform, or need to be re-imagined for various reasons. Whether you currently own or are considering acquiring an asset that has upside potential, we have the expertise and track record to help you realize that potential.

We begin with a thorough understanding of our client’s goals, investment criteria and budget.

We carefully analyze each asset, its market, and competitive landscape to develop a strategic repositioning and leasing plan. We then implement the plan and maximize value through the following:

  • Conduct market analysis, demographic analysis and competitive assessment
  • Identify All Factors contributing to Property Under-Performance
  • Identify Upside Potential Opportunities
  • Develop Project Vision
  • Assess Project Feasibility
  • Develop Comprehensive Leasing Plan
  • Execute Leasing & Marketing Strategy
  • Public/Private Partnership Analysis and Creation
  • Land Acquisition Needs Analysis
  • Obtain Entitlements
  • Development and Implement Alternative Income Sources Strategy
  • Financing Support
  • Project Management
  • Efficient Property Management


A distressed retail property requires immediate, skilled and focused attention. Often, the first and primary goal is to bring stability to such an asset. The process of achieving occupancy and income stabilization can be critical to the ongoing viability of a retail-based asset – and the process of achieving stability can be a difficult one. Fortunately, we bring skill, expertise and a proven track record to each project we undertake.

Through careful analysis of existing tenancy, tenant health ratios, occupancy cost and retail sales performance, a prioritized list of action items is established with a goal of stabilizing an asset. The critical steps necessary to successfully stabilize a retail asset include:

Lease Expiration Analysis

Identifying time-sensitive roll-over

Occupancy Cost Analysis and Health Ratio Analysis

Identifying “at-risk” tenancy

Operating Cost Efficiency Analysis

Identify immediate opportunities to improve cash flow

Renewal Leasing Execution

Secure extension of leases at or near expiration

Rent Restructuring

Negotiation of lease restructuring to minimize loss of tenancy

Existing Tenant Relations

Effectively communicate positive changes to community of tenants

Stakeholder Public Relations

Communicate with project stakeholders to enhance relations and build support